HEMP INC. (OTC: HEMP) This stock is completely on fire!!!


HEMP INC. ( OTC: HEMP) is going parabolic at this point.  The stock is up nearly 1000% from just a month or so ago.

Over the weekend we brought to your attention the amount of attention the medical marijuana sector was getting and what do ya know, another big winner!

With Colorado recently legalizing farmers to grow hemp, these stocks are poised for HUGE gains!

HEMP is already up over 112% today on MONSTER volume!

The Denver Post just put out this article…

Grown widely by our ancestors in America, hemp has a remarkable number of uses. Its seeds and fibers can be used in cosmetics, soaps, oils, foods, textiles and even building materials. The plant is still grown in Canada, where it frequently earns more per acre than wheat.

Hemp contains virtually no THC, the ingredient in marijuana that makes people high, but the two plants look just alike. In outlawing the cultivation of marijuana, it made sense to restrict hemp growing as well because it was too easy for someone to slip pot plants into a hemp field.

But with the legalization of recreational pot in Colorado, and the federal government’s statement that it would essentially not bust the marijuana industry, you might assume there’d now be no problem growing hemp, pot’s non- intoxicating cousin.

Yet in the United States, even in pot-friendly Colorado, federal law is still in the way.

Federal law bans the sale of non-sterile hemp seeds, making it pretty hard to start a hemp farm. Other laws prevent farmers from getting government-backed crop insurance, and there are still forfeiture laws on the books that could result in a farmer losing his or her land for growing hemp. READ MORE HERE

With companies such as HEMP and MJNA still trading so low we still see a HUGE opportunity to buy at these levels, imo!

The Super Bowl subliminally brought attention to the legalization of marijuana by talking about how the two teams that participated both came from the two states where medical marijuana is legal.

Another article is out on how Tennessee is in the midst of legalizing it also, read below.

Tennessean.com – Manufacturers use hemp in plastics, insulation and even a little paper. Health food lovers eathemp seeds by the handful for the protein and omega-3 fats. Hemp clothes, shoes and handbags sell for top dollar, prized for durability.

But while hemp fields abound in Canada and Europe, only a few acres of the plant are grown in the U.S. Authorities outlawed the crop a half-century ago because of its affiliation with its high-inducing cousin marijuana, even though the industrial variety contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive chemical THC.

Ten states, including Kentucky, have removed barriers to hemp production, and state Sen. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, wants to bring it back to Tennessee. He’s drafting a bill that would legalize it here.

The key to success, he said, is educating his lawmaker colleagues about the differences between industrial hemp and marijuana and the financial benefits to farmers.

“Their biggest fear is that, if they support hemp, people will think they support marijuana,” Niceley said. “That’s a cousin of hemp, but cornbread is a cousin of moonshine.”

Some doubt whether hemp can be the job-producing cash crop Niceley envisions. Rep. Jon Lundberg, R-Bristol, said there will be federal hoops to jump through, and farmers in his district are not clamoring for it. READ MORE HERE

It is only a matter of time when the majority of our states will have the growing of hemp legalized and these stocks that are at the ground floor now will be through the roof, imo!

Just look at what the stock has done in the past few days!

Make sure you research HEMP immediately!

We can see a dip from some profit taking but when the weak hands disappear we could see HEMP EXPLODE again!

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