HIRU: Be careful with this one…

HIRU traded crazy today and closed up 300%!

But be careful, we can see a lot of profit taking here and we don’t want you to get caught with your pants down!

Be on the look out for continued promotions and a lot of selling tomorrow which can crash the PPS!

About HIRU: Hiru Corporation’s subsidiary Shuangshi Animal Health Products (AHP) Co.(http://www.jxssyy.com/index.asp#) focuses on delivering veterinary and animal nutrition solutions for the Chinese agricultural market. The company operates in the Nanchang (Xiaolan) Economic Development Zone, and produces products that foster livestock health such as injections, volume injections, large volume injections, oral liquids, liquid disinfectants, feed additives, loose powders and feed premixes.

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Check out the 5 day chart:

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