LPTC: The next stock to fall?

LPTC shot through the roof today very fast!

LPTC could fall as fast as it rose considering in the description of the company it says they don’t have any significant operations.

About LPTC: Le@P Technology, Inc. does not have significant operations. The company intends to pursue investment, joint venture, and acquisition opportunities primarily in the areas of health care products and services and life sciences. Previously, it was engaged in leasing a real property. Le@P Technology, Inc. is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After investors see this it could mean LPTC would be good to short!

LPTC is up over 1,000% on the day right now.

I wouldn’t be surprised of the bottom fell out anytime now.

You can see LPTC exploded out of nowhere, check the chart:

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