Makism 3D Corp. (OTC: MDDD) Love 3D Printing, but how about MDDD?



Makism3D (OTC: MDDD) is a 3D printer manufacturing company based in Cambridge. They offer an innovative and technologically superior approach to building professional and consumer grade 3D printers in their opinion so to say.


I personally love 3D printing, and what this technology’s capabilities could be in the future. If you want to become more fimilar with what 3D printing take a look at this PC Mag link for more details.


MDDD is a very intriguing company for the simple reason they are involved with 3D printing. I would imaging the industry alone attracted a significant amount of traders and investors to MDDD.


Now let’s take a closer look at MDDD. It appears that there was a questionable stock promotion that led to MDDD receiving a Caveat Emptor status at . That isn’t a good thing at all as I see it. MDDD


Recent news on Makism 3D Corp ( MDDD ) showe us that the company is going to hold a private launch event for it’s printer lineup for next year. I find this news pretty a great way to introduce the company to the Media, Industry, and Investors. But I also feel that this is not a driving force behind the company’s liquidity.


Let’s take a look at MDDD’s chart. Click chart to take a closer look.





A look at the company chart shows us MDDD started off trading north of $3, and it was all downhill from there. Today MDDD looks like it is recovering some, and the price has made a strong move into the 85 cent range. Now MDDD is for sure a speculative stock to say the least.


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