NVLX Going Higher or Best Days behind it?

by / Monday, 03 March 2014 / Published in Stock Blogs



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NVLX has seen incredible volume over the last week, and many are saying this liquidity is strictly due to promotion of the stock.

From what I have seen NVLX has been being promoted by many email blasters, but at the same time these are not newsletters that bring much more than a couple hundred grand in liquidity normally while on Friday NVLX saw it’s stock trade 89,000,000 shares plus at an average price of $0.45. So, on Friday NVLX encountered liquidity of over $40,000,000.

Let me be frank the newsletters promoting NVLX did not bring in more than a million of this liquidity maybe two at a stretch!

NVLX as a stock is experiencing an overload of liquidity in my opinion because it is linked to the medical marijuana industry.

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The Market Cap of NVLX is right in line with the market caps of MJNA , PHOT , FITX , and other penny stocks in the MMJ space.

Late last week a short from SeekingAlpha wrote a damning article on NVLX that may have caused the stock to take a dive on Friday. Since there has been much debate as to whether or not SeekingAlpha should allow such contributors that are disclosed shorts of stocks manipulate a stocks market like this short did to NVLX.

I am also of the opinion that companies like NVLX that have their companies security market manipulated by short sellers should sue them.

So, the big question where does NVLX go now. I think that it is feasible that the stock trades in the 30-40 cent range for sometime. There is also the possibility that the shorts continue to run havoc on NVLX and cause it to lose hundreds of millions more in market capitalization. Then there is the long view that the stock will rebound and surpass the beloved $1. For penny stocks hitting passing $1 is like scoring the hot cheerleader chick in high-school for us men.

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