OncoSec Medical Inc. (OTC: ONCS) Explosive Stock Here!



OncoSec Medical Inc. (OTC: ONCS) Is ONCS in the middle or end of a big rally?


ONCS was trading at just $0.30 less than two weeks ago, and since has went on to post a 50% gain since then. This is quite the impressive company with a very similarly impressive chart.


OncoSec Medical Inc. (OTC: ONCS) is a medical device and therapeutic company.  It designs, develops, and commercializes medical approaches for the treatment of solid tumors.  It provides services in the United States exclusively, which we feels gives it the opportunity to expand it’s business into many new markets.  The company is based out of San Diego, California.


ONCS could be in the perfect position to grow exponentially.


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ONCS has a great balance sheet.  The company is fully funded to research and develop their new drugs, and is still sitting with $15,000,000 plus in cash and equivalents.


Now let’s take a quick look at this amazing chart!  Take a closer look by clicking the chart.


ONCS Chart



Now this chart is fantastic.  ONCS has broken through it’s support levels in the $0.20’s and is now accumulating a base in the $0.30’s and $0.40’s.  ONCS has a lot going for it in that there is huge interest in the company, it has plenty of cash on hand, the chart looks incredible, and it’s in an industry that is very well needed.

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OncoSec Medical Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing its advanced-stage ImmunoPulse DNA-based immunotherapy and NeoPulse therapy to treat solid tumors. ImmunoPulse and NeoPulse therapies address an unmet medical need and represent a potential solution for less invasive and less expensive therapies that are able to minimize detrimental effects resulting from currently available cancer treatments such as surgery, systemic chemotherapy or immunotherapy and other treatment alternatives. OncoSec Medical’s core technology is based upon its proprietary use of an electroporation platform to enhance the delivery and uptake of a locally delivered DNA-based immunocytokine (ImmunoPulse) or chemotherapeutic agent (NeoPulse). Treatment of various solid cancers using these targeted anti-cancer agents has demonstrated selective destruction of cancerous cells while potentially sparing healthy normal tissues during early and late stage clinical trials. OncoSec’s clinical programs include three Phase II clinical trials for ImmunoPulse targeting lethal skin cancers. More information is available at http://www.oncosec.com/.