PTOG is rallying big on big news!

by / Wednesday, 19 February 2014 / Published in Stock Blogs

PTOG is up over 125% already on HEAVY volume, over 90 MILLION shares!

Yet again we see another company getting involved in the cannabis sector and absolutely exploding! We believe a lot of these small cap companies that are trying their hand in the cannabis sector will do well in the short term and if they keep at it and are a solid company, for the long term as well.

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PetroTech Oil and Gas, Inc. Set to Expand Into Legalized Cannabis Sector

BEDFORD, TX–(Marketwired – Feb 19, 2014) – PetroTech Oil and Gas Inc. (OTC Pink: PTOG) (the “Company” or Petrotech”) is pleased to announce today that they have set up a subsidiary company in Colorado, and Washington, to serve as the foundation for the company’s entry into the emerging market for medical and recently legalized recreational marijuana in the United States.

  Through, (LP.US Management Group Inc.) has been established to be the Management Company. This branch will specialize in managing the growers of legalized Marijuana and Hemp in the states where they are allowed to grow.

“This management group is the first of its kind, we have three growers in Colorado and Two in Washington, that will be our first clients,” said Steven Machat, the head of this new division.

About PTOG: Petrotech Oil and Gas, Inc. initiates, operates, and develops enhanced oil recovery opportunities within qualifying oil reservoirs in the United States. It offers work over and installation services; heavy equipment services; nitrogen, CO2, and gas mixture treatments; exhaust gas unit services; gas assisted gravity drainage services; and reservoir development plans. The company also operates as a construction and heavy equipment company that bids on various third party jobs for state and independent oil companies in the form of fee or joint ventures, including plugging of abandoned wells with state compliance agencies, as well as bids on road work for the state or independents. The company is based in Bedford, Texas.

Check out the one year chart on PTOG:

In the past year the stock has dropped significantly but as news comes out that PTOG is dabbling in the medical marijuana field anything is possible!

This is the hottest sector as of lately and we can see PTOG along with a lot of other companies that are getting involved in medical marijuana could do well!

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