Terra Tech Corp. (OTC: TRTC) On a Tear!

by / Monday, 31 March 2014 / Published in Stock Blogs

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Terra Tech Corp. (OTC: TRTC) has been making investors a boatload of profits!

TRTC has been on everyone’s radar as of late.  Trading as low as $0.06 just last November TRTC has a 52 week high of $1.42 and is currently trading at $1.14.  So, what is with this unbelievable increase in interest and PPS(Price Per Share) for TRTC?  Up 1800% in just about five months there has to be something special that has caused this.  Well this won’t be a surprise at all, but most of the interest that TRTC has undertaken is due to the explosion of interest in small cap Marijuana stocks.  Also TRTC has had dozens of press releases in the last few months which tend to turn shareholders into advocates, and prospective shareholders into new shareholders.  So what exactly does TRTC do business wise.

TRTC Through its wholly-owned subsidiary GrowOp Technology, Terra Tech Corp specializes in controlled environment agricultural technologies. The company integrates best-of-breed hydroponic equipment with proprietary software and hardware to provide sustainable solutions for indoor agriculture enterprises and home practitioners. We work closely with expert horticulturists, engineers, and plant scientists to develop and manufacture advanced proprietary products for the fast-growing urban agricultural industry as well as individual hobbyists. Our products are utilized by Fortune 500 companies, small urban farmers, home enthusiasts, and traditional greenhouse growers. Our complete product line is available at specialty retailers throughout the United States, and via our website. Terra Tech Corp was incorporated in July 2008 in the State of Nevada; its subsidiary GrowOp Technology was founded March 2010, in Oakland, California.



Contact Info


Financial Reporting/Disclosure
Reporting Status U.S. Reporting: SEC Filer
Audited Financials Not Available
Latest Report Sep 30, 2013 10-Q
CIK 0001451512
Fiscal Year End 12/31
OTC Marketplace OTCQB
Profile Data
SIC – Industry Classification 3510 – Engines & Turbines
Incorporated In: NV, USA
Year of Inc. 2008
Employees 7 a/o Feb 01, 2012
Company Officers/Contacts
Derek Peterson President, CEO
Amy Almsteier Secretary, Treasurer
Company Directors
Derek Peterson Chairman
Amy Almsteier
Michael A. Nahass
Seven J. Ross
Company Notes
  • Formerly=Private Secretary, Inc. until 2-2012
Service Providers


Tarvaran Askelson & Company, LLP
23974 Aliso Creek Road
Suite 395
Laguna Niguel, CA, 92677
United States

Legal Counsel

Thomas E. Puzzo
3823 44th Ave, NE
Seattle, WA, 98105
United States

Investor Relations Firm

Porter, LeVay & Rose
7 Penn Plaza
New York, NY, 10001
United States
TRTC Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $140,878,516 a/o Mar 28, 2014
Shares Outstanding 123,577,646 a/o Oct 28, 2013
Float 48,000,000 a/o Feb 13, 2012
Authorized Shares Not Available
Par Value 0.001
Shareholders of Record 1,832 a/o Apr 02, 2013
Corporate Actions
Ex. Date Record Date Pay Date
Dividend (0.00) Aug 24, 2011 Aug 08, 2011 Aug 23, 2011
Security Notes
  • Capital Change=shs increased by 150 for 1 split. Ex-date=08/24/2011. Rec date=08/08/2011. Pay date=08/23/2011.
Short Selling Data
Short Interest 3,736,713 (-2.17%)
Mar 14, 2014
Significant Failures to Deliver Yes – Reg SHO
Transfer Agent(s)
West Coast Stock Transfer Inc.




Furthermore TRTC does not actually have as large of a market cap as some of the other front running marijuana stocks out there.  I have seen numerous other marijuana stocks with market caps well above $200 Million while TRTC is at $140 Million, which may mean it has some room to still grow.  Keep an eye on TRTC for the next few weeks to see whether it will continue it’s positive run or run out of steam!


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