Tranzbyte Corp: (OTC: ERBB) Taking Investors on a High ride!

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Tranzbyte ERBB logo



Tranzbyte Corp. OTC: ERBB is up 275% since we first reported on the company on February 7th.  ERBB is another Marijuana stock that has encountered heavy liquidity, and price share appreciation due to the dramatic increase in interest in ERBB.

These Marijuana stocks cannot be taken lightly at this point.  No promotion is the driving force behind these Marijuana stocks, but rather organic liquidity from investors, investor groups, traders, speculators, and institutional buyers.


Business Description

The Tranzbyte Corporation ERBB has now become a driving force behind Altitude Organix, OneBode International, and the YO!21 Debit Card.

The company continues its plan to acquire, hold, or spin out successful divisions in what has been described in previous news releases as “dividend farming,” Subsidiary companies that qualify and decide to become public on their own can expect Tranzbyte’s continued support throughout the entire process.

Altitude Organix, a division of Tranzbyte Corporation, is currently developing and rolling out products within two sectors of the burgeoning medical and adult-use cannabis business. First, the company is developing ZaZZZ, what it believes will be the most advanced automated dispensary machine in the US.

Altitude Organix has also developed a proprietary debit card called YO!21 which will operate on the Tranzbyte-owned BancoLibre Network. The card is designed to be accepted at participating merchants nationwide and will operate the automated dispensary machines once they are rolled out in early 2014.

In 2013, Tranzbyte acquired OneBode Holdings – a nationally recognized organic supplement company. LA Laker basketball star and 2-time MVP, Steve Nash, is a major shareholder of the company and uses OneBode products regularly.

Tranzbyte also houses the company’s 10-year-old technology division which is actively engaged in the sale of its optical media enhancement products to potential customers in the US and Asia. Products in the Tranzbyte division include FLASHAlbum and FlixStix — technologies that enable distributors of optical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) to consolidate the best features of each medium onto a single content-protected USB flash drive. Selected content for both FLASHAlbum and FlixStix will be available for purchase in the company’s automated ZaZZZ dispensary.


Contact Info


ERBB Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $290,219,029 a/o Mar 28, 2014
Shares Outstanding 3,475,676,996 a/o Dec 13, 2013
Float 3,191,885,389 a/o Dec 31, 2013
Authorized Shares 4,750,000,000 a/o Jan 13, 2014
Par Value 0.001
Shareholders of Record 408 a/o Dec 31, 2013
Corporate Actions
Ex. Date Record Date Pay Date
Dividend (0.00) * Dec 31, 2010 Jan 11, 2011
Dividend () Sep 28, 2004 Sep 30, 2004 Oct 22, 2004
Security Notes
  • Cap. Change=shs decreased by 1 for 50 split. Pay. date=02-02-99.
  • Stk Div.=4%. Ex-date=6-8-01. Rec date=6-6-01. Pay date=6-15-01
  • Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 1000 split. Pay date=06/25/2007.
Short Selling Data
Short Interest 2,409 (-98.11%)
Mar 14, 2014
Significant Failures to Deliver No


Financial Reporting/Disclosure
Reporting Status Alternative Reporting Standard
Audited Financials Unaudited
Latest Report Dec 31, 2013 Quarterly Report
CIK 0001122973
Fiscal Year End 6/30
OTC Marketplace OTC Pink Current
Profile Data
SIC – Industry Classification 8099 – Health and allied services, misc
Business Status Development Stage Company a/o Apr 28, 2009
Incorporated In: NV, USA
Year of Inc. 1998
Employees 2 a/o Apr 08, 2008
Company Officers/Contacts
David G. Gwyther President
Colleen Manley Secretary
Stephen Shearin COO
Company Directors
David G. Gwyther
Colleen Manley
Company Notes
  • Formerly=Altitude Organic Corp until 2-2012
  • Formerly=Amergence Group, Inc. (The) until 5-2011
  • Formerly=SunnComm International, Inc. until 6-07
  • Formerly=SunnComm Technologies, Inc. until 5-04
  • Formerly=SunnComm, Inc. until 11-02
  • Formerly=Desert Winds Entertainment Corp. until 7-00
  • Note=12-98 State of incorporation Oregon changed to Nevada
  • Formerly=Ti-Mail, Inc. until 12-98
Service Providers


Legal Counsel

William B. Haseltine
1629 K St NW
Washington DC, DC, 20006
United StatesWilliam Haseltine, Esq
1629 K St NW,
Washington, DC, 20006
United States

Overall many marijuana stocks are attempting to get involved with the actual distribution of the marijuana product through hardware products that are similar to vending machines that we have grown used to buying candy or potato chips from.  ERBB has a product that most resembles the common vending machine, but there are others whoms products are very similar IMO like MDBX, EDXC, and others.  It’s tough to tell who is going to come out on top of this specific aspect of the marijuana market.  If you would like to know more about ERBB  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE NEWSLETTER & RECEIVE A FREE FULL REPORT ON ERBB WITH PRICE TARGET!


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