UTRM: Could be the next to explode with HUGE news…

UTRM is already up 7% on 150 MILLION shares traded.

This is double the average volume for UTRM!

The main reason could be because of this news that was released, check it out:

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 13, 2014) – United Treatment Centers Inc. (OTC Pink: UTRM) (dba PotNetwork420.com) announced the company has signed with Eric Thompson and John Adams of Pathbender Entertainment to partner with production on the upcoming daily marijuana news broadcast.

Eric Thompson — notable executive for such films as the Twilight series and Agent Cody Banks — stated, “I truly look forward to working with Chris Seminatore and providing daily, reliable information for the marijuana industry through video. The test results for this format are higher than I have ever seen in my 25 years of entertainment experience. We are proud to be part of the team broadcasting the end of marijuana prohibition. I look forward to completing development and going live in the next few weeks.”

Mr. Thompson went on to add, “In addition, we are completing production of ‘Irie’ a Bob Marley documentary. This project has celebrity support that will cross over and substantially increase the profile of PotNetwork420.com.” Mr. Thompson added we have also recently produced HANSEL AND GRETEL GET BAKED, which was distributed by Tribeca Films and should help bring more positive attention to Potnetwork420.com.

“Working with Pathbender gives us access to top notch studios and talent, not to mention the benefit of Mr. Thompson’s experience. He knows what it takes to make a hit and we want to make the best show possible. When we launch our first broadcast in the next couple of weeks, viewers will see the result of a talented team working around the clock. In addition, our website development is being completed and will serve as an up-to-date resource for the marijuana industry,” PotNetwork420.com CEO Chris Seminatore stated.

Another stock doing business in the hottest sector!

We have been stressing that the medical marijuana companies are going to flourish and they have!

UTRM is making themselves noticed by including themselves!

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About UTRM: United Treatment Centers, Inc. provides marijuana content worldwide. The company offers marijuana news ranging from crop reports to stock reports. It provides daily Internet video and written content in the areas of new product development, product availability in various states, product quality analysis by growers, where it can be purchased in each state, rules of use and transport, interviews with CEOs of publicly trading marijuana stocks, marijuana report and analysis, interviews with attorneys who are well-versed in marijuana related issues, celebrities supporting marijuana related causes, information videos featuring all aspects of cultivation, general news and updates on the marijuana industry, farming reports, and price analysis. The company is based in Playa Vista, California.

Check out the chart:

As you an see this medical marijuana company is ANOTHER on the rise as of late!

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