Vapor Corp. (OTC: VPCO) Top Penny Stock Company!


Vapor Corp. ( VPCO ) is a very interesting company. And possibly one of the best penny stock companies I have seen for awhile.


Vapor Corp. through its wholly owned subsidiary Smoke Anywhere USA, Inc. is a marketer and distributor of electronic cigarettes, under the Fifty-One, Krave, EZ Smoker and Green Puffer. Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution, which provide users an experience akin to smoking without actual combustion and as such no smoke or noxious odor is dispelled from the device. The company currently sells its electronic cigarettes internationally and domestically through distributors, wholesalers and direct to consumers through its websites and direct response television marketing efforts. For more information visit:  (Source:


VPCO trades strong, has incredible interest around it, and has been on an upward climb for months now.  We have all seen someone using one of those vaporized cigarettes in public. I live in a large city, and see it rather frequently.

Something that has really impressed me about VPCO is the fact that the company raised $10,000,000 very quickly.  Just take a look at the company’s Press Releases. Not many companies can raise that kind of money that quickly.


Let’s take a look at VPCO’s chart. Click chart to take a closer look.



The steady increase in share price over the last couple months really jumps out at you on this chart.  Really impressive chart, but does the recent uptrend mean more gains to come or possible pull back?


I like VPCO as a company don’t get me wrong, but stocks sometimes can surprise all of us.


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