WPWR: Big gains today but is it just a big pump and dump?

Well Power Inc

WPWR blasted out the gate today performing very well.

We did further research and discovered there is a HUGE promotion going on so be careful.

We do like the company but be careful about your timing on this one, we don’t want anyone getting burned.

We could see a lot of profit taking now, watch for selling at these levels!

Even though the promoters did a good job, we all know what happens at the end of these big promotions!

There is a reason WPWR traded 35 times the average volume so make sure you do your research before buying in!

About WPWR: The Company has acquired an exclusive license from MEC, a Canadian publicly listed company that is creating mobile and scalable Wellhead Micro-Refinery Units (MRUs) deployable close to the wellhead to process raw natural gas into liquid fuels and clean power. As a result of the License Agreement, the Company is now a development stage company seeking to commence the new business of distributing MRUs in the State of Texas and from there into other geographical areas. The Company is looking t…

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